Welcome to Comex Environmental, LLC

Comex Environmental, LLC is a "green waste" company that specializes in the production of landscaping material and construction services. Our company was created to provide quality and value in the landscaping and construction industries. We offer our services and a full range of landscaping products and material to municipal, commercial and private entities.

Our Commitment is excellence and our promise is value!


  • "Comex is our #1 pick for consistent product quality, great service and on time deliveries!"

    - M. Lee

  • "Comex Environmental delivers quality services every time, all the time."

    - J. Shephard

  • "Our projects require highly skilled professionals, Comex Environmental is our “go-to” company to get the experience we need."

    - M. Kason

  • "Comex Environmental is the only place we purchase our landscaping material from; if you want quality, you want Comex"

    - D. Bouchard

  • "It's hard to find reliable, trustworthy contractors in the construction industry these days. Comex Environmental is by far one of the few, one of the best."

    - J. McKinnley

  • "Comex has been a great supplier for several years. Incredible service and the pricing is fantastic."

    - M. Alexander

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