Environmental Comex Office

For over 25 years, President and owner of Comex Environmental, Azael Vega has been steadfast in the construction industry providing service to medium and large size construction companies. His expertise and industry savvy has led Comex Environmental towards continual growth in support of municipal, commercial, and residential agencies. With our dedicated and experienced staff, we strive to provide excellent customer service and satisfaction. Our customers are our priority. We are passionate about providing the best quality of work to every job, small or large. We offer a full range of landscaping material and products to include mulch, soil, stone and sand. Our construction division has increasingly expanded to provide service on projects initiated by city and state municipalities as well as private contracting agencies.

Whatever your needs are, Comex Environmental is here to deliver!

Highlighted Services

  • General Contractor
  • Site Surveying
  • Railroad and Construction Design
  • Civil Construction
  • Storm, Sanitary and Water Utility Services
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